"My fishing trips are unpredictable" That's right, folks. The quality that our guests find irresistible about my fishing trips, is our inspiring unpredictability.

It’s like the weather in the fjords. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s pouring rain, the cold winds, the snow that gently is kissing your cheeks. That’s how the Sognefjord roll, and it’s part of its charm.

Now, you might be thinking,” Isn’t being unpredictable a bad thing?”

Well, not necessarily. When we say the fjords are unpredictable, we don’t mean they’re unreliable or inconsistent. Instead, we are talking about an unpredictability that’s rooted in spontaneity and zest for life. It’s a type of unpredictability that sparks a sense of adventure, curiosity, excitement and the reason to go.

Imagine you are going on a road trip.

You have a map, and set a route, and a clear destination. But wouldn’t it be more exiting if you took a detour, explored a scenic route, or stumbled upon a hidden gem? That’s what it’s like to be around our boat. This is the detour, the scenic route and the hidden gem.

My boat takes you to paths of the Sognefjord less traveled, pristine parts

and Tor invites you to come along for the ride. Together we are not afraid to take risks, step out of the comfort sone, go out of the beaten path, to embrace the unknown. We keep you guessing, keep you on the toes, keep you wondering, keep you intrigued.

You never know what’s next to explore,

what’s behind the next corner, what we’ll do next, where we’ll go next. And that’s part of the thrill, the appeal, the allure of exploring the Sognefjord with me.

But remember, this unpredictability isn’t arbitrary or whimsical.

It’s grounded in Tor’s deep sense of self, he’s inner compass, he’s unique perspective on life. He’s not unpredictable for the sake of being unpredictable. Tor’s fjord experiences is unpredictable because he’s being true to himself. He’s marching to the beat of he’s of his own drum, dancing to the rhythm of his own song and driving the boat to where the next secret gem might be.

And that is what makes our trips so captivating, so intriguing, so irresistible.

The unpredictability adds a dash of spontaneity, a sprinkle of adventure, a hint of mystery to every interaction. It keeps the Ladies on their toes, keeps the gentlemen proud, and the kids engaged, keeps you coming back hungry for more..

“This unpredictability of the Sognefjord, my unique charm, when my boat is adding a dash of excitement to the guest’ interactions”

and that, my dear reader, is the magic, the mystery, the quality, the allure of “Captain Tor’s fishing trips”

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Price from: 4000,- NOK