Fjærlandsfjorden - Unique and powerful

Unique boating experience in beautifully changing fjord landscapes, where you get close to the fjord, nature and yourself. Time for wonder and reflection and maybe some cheerful pranks?

For many years, Fjærland was an important stop for tourist ships - what in steaming times was often called "floating hotels". Tourist ship traffic to Norway started with the British "Midnight Sun" in 1894. Later, it was especially tourist ships from the Netherlands and England that had Fjærland as a regular stop on the Norwegian voyage. In the year 1929, as many as 20 floating hotels visited Fjærland.

Ever since the first foreign tourists began to flock to the western fjords in the middle of the 19th century, Fjærland with its dizzying mountains and mighty glacier arms has been an important destination.

Nowhere else in Western Norway did glacier arms extend as far down to the fjord as Supphellebreen and Bøyabreen in Fjærland. By the way, the village was called «Fjordland» in Old Norse times.

In Fjærland, people in Fjærland have their own name for people who live on the rugged farms along the 27-kilometer-long Fjærlandsfjord.

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