It started with my grandfather's boat in the picture. Salmon fishing at Veganeset. Experiences and joy created in a boat made for work, learning and mastering new skills - Unique and Real!

Balestrand Fjord Angling is the boat that continues the cheerful, good pioneering spirit and fjord fishing culture found in the bay of Balevika. It is located outside the famous St. Olaf Church. Here I grew up and now you can read a little more about how my family performs a traditional long line fishing ..

Captain Tor is on his way out in the open boat called “Balestrand Fjord Angling” A specially built boat Øyen 620F. F stands for fisherman. Here is clean, tidy, simple and safe. This long line fishery is proper local tradition for food down to 1000 m deep. This is how my family has been fishing for 4 generations. The fish was salted with us and Ling fish were hung to dry on the boathouse wall for “lutefisk”

AS WE PREPARE AND PRE-SETT OUR LONG LINE IN THE EVENING - The excitement, the waiting unto you wake up the following morning is a bitt funny. Maybe you stay in a long term fjord cabin her in Balestrand area. Maybe you are on your first “road trip” and just want vitality in life..IMAGINE THE FEELING Imagine you look out the window. To check the weather. Some morning talk. Breakfast table. Friends. Arriving the boat who is waiting and ready in the marina. The local fisherman feeling

GOOD MORNING SOGNEFJORD! - It’s still breakfast time at the Kvikne’s Hotel. You are a morning bird. You are one of the local fishermen. You’ve got that feeling. Ready to live the life that you want this day. You wave to the guests in the building. You are motivated. Breathing the fresh morning air through your nose boars. Vitality..

MASTER AND COMMANDER- You pick up the marker buoy with a grabber. The Øien 620 boat handle the situation. Steady. Challenges is just a possibility for growth. Every day is just a new beginning. One steep forward, is one step closer. If it is to be, it’s up to me. You give your self the same encouragement as you give a good friend..

THE BIG FISH – THE DEEP FJORDS - The fish is usually big in the deep fjords. The long line makes the fish floats up like footballs on the surface. Coming up from the deep. Something dark, big or shiny is rising up. Hook it. Cut it’s throat. You’ve done it before. You are a hunter. It’s gutted for sale too local buyers or you bring it home. Food on the table. You are a provider. Feeling proud…

STAYING ALIVE - An empty fishing net don’t stop you from going on. You know what you want, and you move forward until to you get it. You never failed, either you learn from it or you win! There are limitless reasons to be cheerful of our life. Today you choose to be completely happy, no matter what. Today you are vibrant, healthy and alive. Today..

SEAGULLS FOLLOW US BACK - The fish is guttered. You are friendly and generous. The tale of birds following our boat makes you pride. Life is good to you. You’ve deserve it. You’ve earn it. Watching the famous red villas form the seaside. The fjord light..

THE RIGHT STUFF - The sound from the Honda BF 60 is pure quality. You’ve got that funny smile and the glimpse in your eye. That feeling.. It gives you the power and recognition in every situation. You know what you want. Tools that you relight on in every situation. You got it. Self-esteem. You have control over yourself and the circumstances. People are comfortable around you. Recognition, a nod..

REGARDS FROM CAPTAIN TOR - This moment, make it personal. This is personality. Happiness is simply a choice you can make. It starts with a little smile. Allows you to feel special, balanced, Focused. It create memories and experience as we return back to Balestrand, and that is a little fun…

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Price from: 10000,- NOK


Price from: 10000,- NOK