The Original Fjord Experience since 1979

Built for values! Our simple, but at the same time rich program, has pure nature experiences, participation and contains the fine balance between natural fishing instincts, story telling and self-development that raises every self-confidence and mastery.

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Made by Passion. It's a love letter to the fjords! With legendary guide methods, Captain Tor brings out the unique inspiration and ensures the fine fjord experiences and contex. The Fjord landscape teems with wildlife, and during the trip we will be searching for porpoises, deer, seals and eagles. "When the rare orcas break the surface in november - Everything becomes epic"

By the way..

"To Go Viking" was a phrase orginally used by norwegians to describe traveling overseas. Vkings were explorers! They set out from the fjord villages on adventure into the unknown. - Go different! "Go Viking in the Fjords with Captain Tor - The season between Ocober - April"