Balestrand Fjord Angling (BFA) is looking for B2B cooperation that wants to make the Sognefjord a more sustainable year-round destination. This starts with filling up the shoulder seasons. And there are plenty of guests out there who want to experience the Sognefjord all year round. How do You manage this opportunity in your company?

Thank you for selling Sognefjord, You are also completely unique. Good work!

Dear Tour operators, incoming dmc, agents, partners or digital booking. If your company can deliver tours in the shoulder seasons of April and May + September and October let me know.

Beyond this (outside this period above), BFA has not have more openings for B2B collaborations due to high demand (from the B2Bs BFA now collaborate with) and to ensure quality for its Clients/B2C Guests - Thank you for Your inquiry and I appreciate it.

Visitors are now seeking refined, hand-picked experiences with genuine, unique content and which make their lives more complete:

Balestrand Fjord Angling are among Norway’s best and quality tested through: The Varde Experience Quality Testing System, please learn more about at Link HERE


Choose the desired trip. Fill in the form and paste client/Guest info and voucher info etc into the message box. When you fill in the number of people, you get the exact price for this specific customer including all taxes. Dynamic pricing. BFA responds within 24 hours. BFA check mail at 07:00 and at 22:00. during the day BFA go fishing with wonderful guests.


You convey all practical information about booked trip to the client - Simple, because the client needs to feel safe and looked after and therefore also feel happy and welcoming - Isn’t that exiting?


Balestrand Fjord Angling always prefer B2B who have a Norwegian organization number. Your company easily handles an EHF invoice with a 1-3 days due date, and after completed trip. You get a 10% discount on the invoice, which you keep as commission. You will learn that selling for me is an enrichment and a joy.


Book the desired trip according to the booking form - Payment at the normal price as usual and by card on the day of arrival and before departure. Receipt by email and can be accounted for as expenses for courses, representation assignments, etc


Book with 10% deposit. Once Captain Tor confirms your trip, your credit card will be charged with a 10% deposit to guarantee the reservation. The remaining balance will be paid directly to Balestrand Fjord Angling on the trip date, before departure.


Norway in a nutshell is well known for You TO’s and Balestrand with its historically, The famous Kvikne’s Hotel is located in the middle of the 204 km long Sognefjord - An easy stopover on the way to/from Flåm/Bergen. That’s very practical, yes?

Easy arrival with Fast-ferry Norled. Remember to enter at least 2+3 overnight stays for the guest (Many Guests like to spend more time in Balestrand - Also inspiring to know, am I right?)

CURIOSITY - The new superpower in the fjords. Let’s explore together..

Balestrand Fjord Angling is in high demand with quality-seeking clients (honeymoon, couples, families and popular with FIT’s, who can account our tours as courses and educational). Dynamic prices. Our prices are the final price including all taxes etc. We have trips all year round. That’s good to know.

Pure Norwegian Local Fjord experience in world class, sought after and in demand

With BFA you can handpick an authentic Pure Norwegian Local Fjord Experience in world class that everyone is now talking about and searching for.

GO VIKING IN THE FJORDS - A little fun fact at the end:

The fjord was the road in the old days. Rowing boats were used. Steep mountains of granite make it difficult to build roads on land. Boat was much easier. The rowing boat was the “car”. Fjord means “To travel” from olden times. The Vikings set out by boat from Balestrand into unknown fjords in search of adventure and new discoveries.

Find on google maps HERE

Balestrand fjord angling adventure is a perfect waypoint when you explore Norway from airport to airport by rental car, or with travel by fast ferry to Balestrand as part of the “Norway in a nutshell” package.

Here in Balestrand you will also find the legendary, historic Kvikne’s Hotel and Balestrand Fjord Apartents

Captain Tor: Awareness about fjord fishing and what this entails, has been my passion for all these years. At home in Balevik bay, it was called; “A fishing trip” - plain and simple. It was because because we went fishing on a trip. The trip is the key word here, and what you experience! Homemade fish is always good. Simplicity creates emotions. Our tours simply make you more complete - It’s a love letter to the fjords.

Welcome to us at Balestrand Fjord Angling and your next fjord adventure is waiting for you!

Card payment on trip day, before departure

Fill out the form => I check booking early in the morning and late at night and confirm your reservation

Send SMS (preferred) You call and no answer? => Send SMS => I’m out Angling with guests in silent fjords

NOTE: Show up 15 min before departure at Balestrand Adventure / Tourist Information

- TOTAL PRICE: Enter the number of people on the booking form to see total price. Card payment on trip day before departure.

- WHAT TO WEAR? => GO BY THE 3-LAYERS RULE: with an outer, water resistant shell jacket (and pants), an inner fleece jacket and a woolen base layer all seasons. It is always colder at sea than on land, even though it is the height of summer it feels cool. Our blue suits & boots are included in the price.

- LANGUAGE GUIDING: English and Norwegian

- FRE PARKING outside Balestrand Adventure House and around shops

- Life jackets, Suits and boots included in price and can be borrowed in cold and rainy weather

- Private tours only

- You call no answer? => USE SMS/TEXT ALWAYS, because I’am out in silent nature with Guests and can’t talk

- Trips on booking request all year - Local Captain

- Boat and equipment, are cleaned with soap water. Suits / life jackets are sprayed with alcohol between each trip for your safety.

- Normal antibac in hands on arrival.

- Feel free to wear your own shell jackets and cover pants on the trip if you wish.

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