About Balestrand Fjord Angling

The fabulous, somewhat mysterious Captain Tor, lives in Balestrand, known for his magical, authentic and genuine fjord experiences. He is among the best fjord guides the Sognefjord has fostered and as we all know: Real experiences are created from within!

My philosophy

Sognefjord, Captain Tor: Awareness about fjord fishing and what this entails, has been my passion for all these years. At home in Balevik bay, it was called; "a fishing trip" - plain and simple. It was because because we went fishing on a trip. The trip is the key word here, and what you experience! Homemade fish is always good! Simplicity creates emotions. Our tours simply make you more complete - It's a love letter to the fjords!

What we make our guests experience

Guest review from Mortenr163, Tripadvisor:: “ Capt. Tor a true legend guide! Words can not express how great this experience is. We came to fish. Went home from one of the best tours we ever experienced (along with four delicious fish). Capt. Tor is authentic and one heek of a storyteller. He knows his childhood area like his back-pocket and is eager to share his authentic stories with you, when you're on board his little private fishing boat. He makes the trip around four nearby fjords at an adequate pace. The length of the ride is perfect. Had it been one bit longer our minds would have exploded from all the beauty we witnessed. We came to fish. We came home with an extraordinary nature experience. Thanks a million Capt. Tor! ”

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