In March - April Fjærlandsfjorden is rich in various types of fish cauth with nets and we pull up halibut line. Unique fishing trip in winter surroundings. Try yourself as a local fisherman

A world-class experience. Join and watch the fjord in the transition winter to spring. Life returns! Exclusive Scandinavian opportunity. Make your life more complete. Join in and put out fishing gear the night before. Feel the real expectation of catch. Develop new skills, but also explore new sides of yourself surrounded by Norwegian fjord mountains! Start from Balestrand or Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel if you stay there. You will participate in laying out the fishing gear the night before. Local, native and traditional. It comes with a strong and powerful signature in Norwegian team building. Welcome to us in Fjærland - Your next personal fjord journey! Available all year round, but recommended in the weeks from No. 8-18 VARDE EXPERIENCE QUALITY!

You deserve the best! Therefore, join Captain Tor. Let him shake up body, spirit and soul with his unique, creative boat program that hits the mark every time. “Eksklusive Skandinavia” - Stylish working title, right?

Simpicety creates emotions - Make your life more complete!

Especially aimed at you who are financially free or are entrepreneurs. Genuine solutions with a world-class seamless experience! Tor has completely unique qualities as a maritime STCW instructor, creates a good atmosphere. This genuine fjord program that both inspires and calibrates the mindset of most people. Are you ready for cheerful pranks?

Get on, and work in proper professional oil hire and sea boots for fishermen. Enter size (S-XL) when booking a trip, so that this is clear to you when Tor arrives at Fjærland marina or Fjærland Fjordstove Hotell. You can of course keep the fish home if you wish. Excellent short-haul self-caught quality fish that is perfect for a local meal story served from the kitchen Fjærland Fjordstove Hotell

Here you also get the opportunity to join Tor out in the boat for a couple of hours the night before which we lay out gear for the following day. Feel the real feeling of anticipation of catching the next day, as you lie down to sleep at night. Incredibly rewarding experience. It is completely real.

The combination of fjord nets at depth, troll nets and exciting halibut line means that we can see and catch different types of fish and crabs on this trip. We use halibut hooks with quick-snaps on the halibut line which makes this safer when it comes to large fish.

You as a participant are actively involved in the actual pulling and hauling and processing of the catch on board the boat. There will be work here. We use an electric winch to haul implements from around 110 meters deep. Feel the sense of simplification and control takes you over as you work and finds solutions to thoughts and problems as we work. Very fun experience.

I have a table, which I set up on board the boat for filleting. The seagulls gather around us on the water and eat fish fillets that we throw out. This creates a nice spring atmosphere around us on the fjord. Must be experienced!

Captain Tor has experience so it holds. He guides in the background when needed and takes care so that this becomes a nice, safe and educational course experience that works for all of you. Be prepared for slightly monotonous work movements.

We stay in the inner part of the fjord arm, the area Mundal - Lidal. It’s cold out at sea at this time of year, so put on good wool underwear. Hat and mittens of good quality. Here in the Fjærlandsfjord is calm and mostly flat sea, but there may be some gusts in March. When the sun peeks out, you feel the heat spread in your body and we have an incredibly wonderful winter-spring atmosphere. An extra edge to the experience and you feel tough and strong! Remember to bring sunglasses :)

Feel free to have an “After-sauna” in Dampen afterwards. Get up close to real nature, real fjords and real people as you plunge into a cooling fjord.

Welcome to try yourself as a local fisherman with Captain Tor in his unique, Norwegian-built boat in the legendary Fjærlandsfjorden!



Practical information

  • The duration of this tour is 7h . The tour only allows groups of 1-6 peoples
  • START ON THE ACTIVITY DAY WHEN WE PULL UP TOOLS AT 09:00 - IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN LAUNCHING TOOLS THE NIGHT BEFORE, WE START AT 16:00. Typically when you have chosen accommodation in Fjærland (cabins, camping or hotel)
  • For those particularly interested in local fishing culture and team building. Be prepared for exploded fish, blood and gutting of fish as well as mucus
  • AGE LIMIT: We recommend from 14 years and up
  • We make reservations about frozen fjords, then we can not fish by boat. Otherwise, we keep going even though it is both rain and snow showers. That's how it is to be a local fisherman ..
  • We take a maximum of 4 people on each trip. If you are more than this (maximum 8 people), we solve this with two trips per day (for a supplement of NOK 600 per 4-8 person) and 2 deep nets per trip
  • DAY VISIT - pulling of gear on the day of arrival is possible at 10:00 if you need some time for driving to Fjærland. and onwards towards late lunch at 15:00 time. Then (extra) it fits well with the DAMPEN sauna and (extra) dinner (today's catch prepared, extra) in the evening at Fjærland Fjordstove Hotell and any accommodation here is recommended.
  • PARKING Free parking (and toilet) at Fjærland marina or Fjærland Fjordstue Hotell if you stay there
  • DO YOU NEED ACCOMMODATION? - Contact or google Fjærland Fjordstove Hotell for booking accommodation on no.+47 48237844 (additional) or cabins:
  • COMPLETED HOTEL PACKAGE, RENTAL CAR AND FISHING TRIP, INCL. FLIGHT FROM OSLO? - CONTACT TORIL or ROLF IN WONDERLUST.NO OR ON MOBILE 92408940 - THEN THEY FIX THIS. Both have actively participated in product development and are well acquainted with local conditions and needs.
  • SAUNA: For reservation of floating sauna DAMPEN, google Fjærland Guiding (additional)


  • Regatta fisherman professional oil hire and sea boots and rubber gloves. REMEMBER to state size (S-XL) and boot no. You take this equipment on top of your own shell/gore-tex jackets and trousers, and then you feel both tough and professional
  • Welcome drink "Sparkling Margaret" from Balholm and homemade fresh fish soup, served with bread at Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel after the session.
  • Captain Tor, guidance and instructions and his unique Norwegian built Øyen 620F boat with electric winch and gutting table. The boat is named "Balestrand Fjord Angling", fishing nets and crayfish pots. We can also mention that Tor has taught over 30,000 students and guests over the years as an instructor. Then there will be around 6,500 fishing net hauls in all kinds of weather, and then you have seen a bit of everything over the years. Tor says that he learns new things every time, because it is always exciting to pull up fishing nets from the depths. "The world's best office landscape" - he says


By pressing "Make a request" you commit to nothing. The request is only confirmed when you receive it confirmation of your email. Payment will be made upon attendance on the day of the tour. Cancellations can be sent to our e-mail up to 2 working days before the tour date. Read more.