The fabulous, somewhat mysterious Captain Tor, lives in Balestrand, known for his magical, authentic and genuine fjord experiences. He is among the best fjord guides the Sognefjord has fostered and as we all know: Real experiences are created from within!

NOTE: Show up 15 min before departure at Balestrand Adventure / Tourist Information

- TOTAL PRICE: Enter the number of people on the booking form to see total price. Card payment on trip day before departure.

- DRESS VARM: it’s ALWAYS colder on the fjord than on land, also in summertime. We ALWAYS recommend to wear wool closest to the body and warm outerwear and shoes etc good hiking shoes and propper warm clothes and underwear of wool all seasons, especially in the cold season!

- LANGUAGE GUIDING: English and Norwegian

- FRE PARKING outside Balestrand Adventure House and around shops

- Life jackets, Suits and boots included in price and can be borrowed in cold and rainy weather

- Private tours only

- You call no answer?=> USE SMS/TEXT ALWAYS- I’am out in silent nature with clients, no phone talk :)

- Trips on request all year - Local Captain

Find on google maps HERE

Balestrand fjord angling adventure is a perfect waypoint when you explore Norway from airport to airport by rental car, or with travel by fast ferry to Balestrand as part of the “Norway in a nutshell” package.

Here in Balestrand you will also find the legendary, historic Kvikne’s Hotel and Balestrand Fjord Apartents

Welcome to us at Balestrand Fjord Angling and your next fjord adventure is waiting for you!

Card payment on trip day, before departure

Fill out the form => I check booking early in the morning and late at night and confirm your reservation

Send SMS (preferred) You call and no answer? => Send SMS => I’m out Angling with guests in silent fjords

Dear Tour operators, incoming dmc, agents, partners or digital booking ;)

You are wonderful made - Has anyone told you this? What you handle administratively and manage to achieve in a day- after day for clients who are looking for joy and a desire to travel..?

I am Captain Tor. I’m very successful, so lucky and sell mostly directly and personally to my klients and guests who pay on the day of the tour, and before departure by card - Are you getting this?

My fishing- and fjord excursions are among Norway’s best. I am also quality tested through Varde Experience Quality System, please learn more about at Link HERE(do your homework - Dinner first ;)

Norway in a nutshell is well known for You and Balestrand with its historically, The famous Kvikne’s Hotel is located in the middle of the 204 km long Sognefjord, an easy stopover on the way to/from Flåm/Bergen. That’s very practical, yes?

Easy arrival with Fast-ferry Norled. Remember to enter at least 2+3 overnight stays for the guest (Many clients like to spend more time in Balestrand - Also inspiring to know, am I right?)

Captain Tor is in high demand with quality-seeking clients (honeymoon, couples, families and popular with FIT’s, who account our tours as courses and educational) Our prices are the final price including all taxes etc. We have trips all year round. That’s good to know!

I always have a steady, good flow of fjord excursions, I now and always attract quality-seeking and therefore willing-to-pay clients who are pleasant, inspiring, but also “learnable clients” who either travel around in a motor Home, have a package tour or explore the Sognefjord in a superyacht! This is the law of attraction - I have a wonderful life in the rewarding, energetic Sognefjord! Is this making sense ?

Please: You convey all practical information about booked trip to the client - Simple, because the client needs to feel safe and looked after and therefore also feel happy and welcoming - Isn’t that exiting?

I always prefer YOU who have a Norwegian organization number. Your company easily handles an EHF invoice with a 1-3 days due date. You will learn that selling for me is an enrichment and a joy!

It is a love letter too the fjords! - Can you imagine if this is happened to you?

- Boat and equipment, are cleaned with soap water. Suits / life jackets are sprayed with alcohol between each trip for your safety.

- Normal antibac in hands on arrival.

- Feel free to wear your own shell jackets and cover pants on the trip if you wish.

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