I make your fjord experience real and alive. I carry out user-friendly, functional fishing experiences. The experiences are not built randomly - Behind every single action are well-thought-out strategies that make your visits to a greater extent find us interested and valuable. Thus, your fjord experience can be converted into good, real memories and points of reference that you can retrieve again and again, whether you are traveling, at work or processing information and thoughts for yourself.

Our tours make you more complete!

Guest review from Morten Ravn:

“Words can not express how great this experience is. We came to fish. Went home from one of the best tours we ever experienced (along with four delicious fish). Capt. Tor is authentic and one heek of a storyteller. He knows his childhood area like his backpocket and is eager to share his authentic stories with you, when you’re on board his little private fishing boat. He makes the trip around four nearby fjords at an adequate pace. The length of the ride is perfect. Had it been one bit longer our minds would have exploded from all the beauty we witnessed. We came to fish. We came home with an extraordinary nature experience. Thanks a million Capt. Tor! “*

So if you need a real, living fjord experience, let’s make your life more complete - Contact us here

- Show up 15 min before departure at Balestrand Adventure / Tourist Information

- Possible boat departures: 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00.

- Fishing gear are included.

- Suits and boots included in price and can be borrowed in cold and rainy weather

- Price includes 4 persons. From 4-6 person NOK 600 1 extra person

- Card payment on arrival. No advance payment necessary

- Private tours only.

- Our tours are guided in English and Norwegian - All Year - Local Captain

Balestrand Fjord Angling is located in Balestrand, a picturesque gem situated in the middle of the norwegian famous Sognefjord.

- Perfect when traveling with fast ferry from Flåm <=> Bergen or

- Perfect waypoint stop when roadtriping by rent car form airport to airport

- Boat and equipment, are cleaned with soap water. Suits / life jackets are sprayed with alcohol between each trip for your safety.

- Normal antibac in hands on arrival.

- Feel free to wear your own shell jackets and cover pants on the trip if you wish.

- Use the booking form available at each activity HERE

- Less than 1 day ahead? - YES POSSIBLE - SEND SMS

- I check contact forms - Early morning and evening in advance.

- Tour operator? - Use our contact form - More info for you below.

- SMS/Call +47 900 81939 or email:

- Did you call but no answers? Send sms.


-Let us make the order smart, functional and efficient and 3 e-mails are enough to land an order with us when you follow the points below:

1- To calculate the guest’s tour rate, you must fill out this form HERE

2- Fill in the number of guest’s, chosen activity and select departure at 15.00 or 18.00.

3- Read more about the chosen activity and it’s practical information explained on our website HERE

4- Please add all your company information, organization number, address on the order form

5- Please add exactly which e-mail address we can send the e-invoice / EHF invoice when ordering on the order form

6- We only offer private/charter tours. Guests attend 15 minutes before departure at Balestrand Fjord Angling house HERE

7- Select the number of people 1-6 who travel together, and the form easily shows the correct total price the guest will pay for a chartered boat trip with the activity program you have chosen in the drop-down menu.

8- Tour operators receive a 10% discount as commission on invoice with due date is 1 day after completed tour

9- We check for inquiries morning and evening. During the day we are out on adventures with guests :)

10- Go back to point 1. Welcome to us and thank you for using our booking form :)

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