Business and pleasure in Balestrand in the middle of the legendary Sognefjord in Western Norway. Join our enthusiastic, local instructor and captain Tor in his unique boat to Finnabotn

Let our award-winning 3-hour genuine and seamless experience, be the start on a unique day in Scandinavia. Bring your "AMAZING 2 pax TEAM " into a whole new context. This is a durable, 9 hour fjord attraction! We also visit the hidden gem Finnabotn and the unique Kvamsøy Church. This fjord voyage takes you close to the legendary Sognefjord, its nature and yourself. It has completely unique combination. It comes with a strong and powerful signature in Norwegian team building. Welcome to us in Balestrand - Your next personal fjord journey!

You and your partner deserves the best! Therefore, let “YOUR AMAZING 2 pax TEAM” meet Captain Tor. Let Tor shake up body, spirit and soul with his unique, creative boat program that hits the mark every time. “Fjord Voyage - Stylish working title, right?

Simpicety creates emotions - Make your life more complete!

Especially aimed at you who are financially free or are entrepreneurs. Genuine solutions with a world-class seamless experience! Tor has completely unique qualities as a maritime STCW instructor, creates a good atmosphere. This genuine fjord program that both inspires and calibrates the mindset of most people. Are you ready for cheerful pranks?

This fjord voyage has an interesting beginning, spring of 2017: When our boat “Balestrand Fjord Angling” came steaming fresh out of its mold, we also got our very first order for this specific program!

This small boat has a built-in greatness: Like a mustang on the great plains, it can heal a restless soul - If you win its heart

Retro video HERE


Practical information

  • The duration of this tour is 9h . The tour only allows groups of 1-6 peoples
  • Meeting place at Balestrand Adventure House in Balestrand 08:45
  • Lunch by choice free menu at 13:00 at Kviknes Hotel in season


  • Captain Tor has fjord experiences and communication in the genes. He is from Balestrand. His family and roots are from Balestrand. His personal stories are from growing up in Balestrand. You as a guest and participant get a clear and authentic understanding of this, with everything you experience in the boat. Balestrand Fjord Angling is the boat that continues this cheerful pioneer spirit and life in Balevika where he grew up - Welcome to a real, local fjord experience that gives parallel associations
  • We keep fishing equipment and also have fishing suits and boots that keep your Amazing Team active, dry and warm. Feel free to bring your own mittens and hats and wool in the colder season. We always recommend solid clothing at sea.


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