is the fun educational fjord fishing activity in the Sognefjord , suitable for anyone who explores nature and places off the beaten track by boat

She wants to have fun and feel safe, and he wants a relaxing fishing trip and both want a boating experience together. Try Captain Tor's cheerful and rewarding solution to this classic theme. Here is a fun trip with a nice balance of sightseeing, storytelling, fishing and childhood memories. The price includes 4 persons in a private boat. Trips all year round.

Together with our guests, we have created a package that consists of: Fjord fishing, Scenic route and Unique fjord travel on the Fjærlandsfjord. This genuine 3 in 1 solution has received the award: VARDE - High quality experience!

1- Fun fjord angling in beautiful, legendary #esefjorden surrounded by high picturesque mountains: When I was a little boy, my mother used to send me out on the fjord to catch the fish called: SandHvitting. They are fun to fish, bite easily on the hook and taste good for lunch. Some call them “Sea Chicken”

Catch fish and make your own dinner when you get home. Butter-fried Sand Hvitting served on a piece of seed loaf and with a homemade salad and a bottle of fruit drink: “Sprudllande Margaret” from Balholm. It tastes rhubarb and evokes nostalgic summer memories. If you light some candles and put on some bossa nova music in the background, you have a real dining experience you do together. Easily buy ingredients in the grocery store next to the Balestrand Adventure house.

2- Scenic route to smallholdings in the beautiful #fjærlandsfjorden: We set up the speed and the boat crosses inwards towards Fjærlandsfjorden which in bright season is green with meltwater from the glacier village #fjærland. Here they slowly dodge the rocks in search of trout, mackerel and pike. The fjord is at its best in May and August. Here we also find diverse animals and bird life and marine mammals.

3- Scenic Fjærlandsfjorden - The energy in #fjærlandsfjorden is special, more original and therefore more powerful. There is something in here between the high mountains that nourishes both the heart and the spirit. It makes us strong men and women. Clean water, fresh air, homesteads. Here you can find peace, inspiration and space for wonder. In the old days, this beautiful fjord was referred to as “Fjordland”



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