A unique fjord adventure with angling+ fishing nets. All put together for an adventurous fjord trip. A sense of unity. A world-class educational gift. “This is easy, I know we can do this!”

Just go for it! A real fjord attraction in a beautiful, majestic Fjærlandsfjord. The price includes 4 people in a private boat. Card payment on arrival. Captain Tor picks you up at the pier with his boat at Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel or Fjærland marina. Perfect outdoor fjord activity and a easy surprise for your family or friends. Imagine that suddenly there is a white adventure boat by the pier that will take you on a voyage of discovery across the legendary Fjærlandsfjorden. Trips all year round. In March, the fjord is in a beautiful winter landscape and avalanches down to the fjord.

- Captain Tor’s fjord adventure solution works time and time again. You are looking for an activity that works, a safe choise - Am i right?

From the boat you will see unique homesteads such as Lidal and Teigen. Time for wonder and reflection as we travel beyond #fjærlandsfjorden. Tor tells stories and you pull up fishing nets in the Lidal Teigen area, set out by us the night before. Fish and crabs you take home and make at the cabin yourself, or prepared by agreement with Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel and the chef if you live there.


We angel in the inner part of Mundal surrounded by high picturesque mountains for Sand Whitings, Haddock, Mackerel and Pollock. On fishing nets we can get Cod, Halibut, Haddock, Boil crabs and Rock gilthead. A real food culture experience as we local fjord people have been doing this for generations. This is the fjord life itself, must be experienced to understand!

Create or relive good childhood memories: When I was a little boy, my mother used to send me out on the fjord to catch the fish called: Sand Whiting. They are fun to fish, bite easily on the hook and taste good for lunch. Some call them “Fjord Chickens”- Isn’t that cool?

Can you imagine if this is happened to you? Catch some fish with Captain Tor and make your own dinner when you get home at your cabin or Air B&B a Butter-fried Sand Whiting served on a piece of seed-loaf and with a homemade salad and a bottle of local made fruit drink: “Sprudllande Margaret” from Balholm. It tastes rhubarb and evokes nostalgic summer memories. If you light some candles and put on some bossa nova music in the background, you have a real dining experience you do together. Easily buy ingredients in the grocery store next to the marina in Fjærland.

How about a bag of fish soup, and add pieces of your fish, isn’t this easy?

Fjærland fjord angling & family expedition as we have chosen to title it, has a nice mix and focus on activity. We have added a fishing net. A fishing nets will stimulate practical skills. We (you or the children) pull up fishing nets, set out by us the night before. In the fishing net we can catch cod, halibut and pollock, sea gilt, starfish, sea urchins and red crab. It’s ALWAYS exciting to see what you’ve got. But it can also be empty, such is life in the fjords

A bit of historical context: “Gardingane” is a local name for people who live on the rugged farms along the 26-kilometer-long Fjærlandsfjorden.

Ever since the first foreign tourists began to flock to the western fjords in the middle of the 19th century, Fjærland with its dizzying mountains and mighty glacier arms has been an important destination.

Nowhere else in Western Norway did the glacier arms extend as far down to the fjord as the Supphelle glacier and the Bøya glacier in Fjærland. By the way, the village was called “Fjordland” in Old Norse times.

Some practical information for you: You choose the season and type of weather yourself. We have fishing suits for you and yours, which keep you warm and safe. If you have smaller children, I recommend bringing your own park suits and clothes that they are familiar with. See yourself on a trip with us, feel free to tell your friends about our opportunity here in Balestrand and make a reservation directly or contact your tour operator

THE COLORFUL BONUS? This simple, nice family expedition is an excellent way to give the young people and you yourselves as adults a shared destination and responsibility, while doing something exciting, fun and creative together!

By the way: Nice and tidy too..

TRAVELTIP: If you are staying in Fjærland, but want variety and a day trip to inspiring Balestrand, then you can drive from Fjærland and choose from our exiting programs starting with Balestrand XX. Please see the travel route on Googlemap HERE


Practical information

  • The duration of this tour is 3h . The tour only allows groups of 1-6 peoples
  • PARKING Free parking (and toilet) at Fjærland marina or Fjærland Fjordstue Hotell if you stay there
  • DO YOU NEED ACCOMMODATION? - Contact or google Fjærland Fjordstove Hotell for booking accommodation on no.+47 48237844 (additional)
  • COMPLETED HOTEL PACKAGE, RENTAL CAR AND FISHING TRIP, INCL. FLIGHT FROM OSLO? - CONTACT TORIL or ROLF IN WONDERLUST.NO OR ON MOBILE 92408940 - THEN THEY FIX THIS. Both have actively participated in product development and are well acquainted with local conditions and needs.
  • SAUNA: For reservation of floating sauna DAMPEN, google Fjærland Guiding for reservation (additional)
  • We make reservations about frozen fjords, then we can not fish by boat in the late vinter/spring season. Otherwise, we keep going even though it is both rain and snow showers. That's how it is to be a local viking


  • Captain Tor, guidance and instructions and his unique Norwegian built Øyen 620F boat. The boat is named "Balestrand Fjord Angling", fishing nets. We can also mention that Tor has taught over 30,000 students and guests over the years as an instructor. Then there will be around 6,500 fishing net hauls in all kinds of weather, and then you have seen a bit of everything over the years. Tor says that he learns new things every time, because it is always exciting to pull up fishing nets from the depths. "The world's best office-landscape" - he says
  • ABU Garscia suits and rubber boots and life jackets. REMEMBER to state size (S-XL). You take this equipment on top of your own shell/gore-tex jackets and trousers.l


By pressing "Make a request" you commit to nothing. The request is only confirmed when you receive it confirmation of your email. Payment will be made upon attendance on the day of the tour. Cancellations can be sent to our e-mail up to 2 working days before the tour date. Read more.