We have the stylish blue, sporty and fun electric bikes and which makes it easy to cycle in Balestrand area in the middle of the Sognefjord. Self guided.

In Balestrand there are many nice motifs that you discover with your friends when you cycle around on a journey of discovery in the beautiful Norwegian fjord landscape

Cycling around the Esefjord via “Gamleveien” to Lunde abore ‘- and swimming area or to Dragsvik Hotell and have coffee and cakes there, is often more than enough. Play around in Balestrand Bygd looking for nice insta - motives and just have fun

Link to Tripadvisor The Three Fjord Ride HERE

Distance To Dragsvik and The Three Fjord Ride 18 km Trip duration 3h Rental time 3 - Price 400 nok (popular)

Distance To Vetlefjord 60 km Trip duration 4h Rental time 4 - Price 460 nok (Why not ?)

Distance To Menes 62 km Trip duration 3h Rental time 6 - Price 650 nok (spend time and swim in the fjord as well)

Distance To Viewpoint 44 km Trip duration 6h Rental time 9 - Price 850 NOK (Iron man and run out off battery)

Distance Balestrand - Dragsvik - ferry to Vangsnes - Vik - Arnafjord 100 km Travel time 9h (day Trip exploration)


Practical information

  • The duration of this tour is 3h . The tour only allows groups of 1-6 peoples
  • 3 hours is usually enough rental time. If you want a rental period beyond 3 hours, we will arrange this when you meet us at Balestrand Adventure- / Fjord Angling Huset. You must fill in a handover and responsibility form before you start the trip. You test that the bike is OK and works properly before the ride.
  • NOTE: Attendance 15 minutes before departure. Hand over at Balestrand Adventure -/ Balestrand Fjord Angling house by appointment or drop in when the house is open and staffed in season
  • TIP: If one of you wants to train, we also have a regular bike that they can pedal and sweat around with, while you ride around stylishly and sporty enjoy the landscape and speed away on your ebike


  • 3 hours rent and price example per bike in the booking form. If you want a longer rental period, we will take this when handing over the bikes
  • Helmet and bike lock


By pressing "Make a request" you commit to nothing. The request is only confirmed when you receive it confirmation of your email. Payment will be made upon attendance on the day of the tour. Cancellations can be sent to our e-mail up to 2 working days before the tour date. Read more.