In Norway Sognefjord guided boating experience with a nice entertaining combination of sightseeing, storytelling, fjord fishing and childhood memories.

Beautiful Balestrand is close to the fjord and nature. Price includes 4 people in private boat. Trips all year round. Suitable for couples, family with children and friends traveling together. Card payment on arrival. On this fun trip you get to see the famous red dragon villas in Balestrand from the sea side and learn a little about the people who built them. After 30 minutes of sightseeing and fun storytelling, you have two options for further boat trips:

1) Fun Angling in beautiful, legendary #esefjorden surrounded by high picturesque mountains: When I was a little boy, my mother used to send me out on the fjord to catch the fish called: Sand Whiting. They are fun to fish, bite easily on the hook and taste good for lunch. Some call them “Sea Chicken”

Catch some fish with Captain Tor and make your own dinner when you get home. Butter-fried Sand Whiting served on a piece of seed-loaf and with a homemade salad and a bottle of local made fruit drink: “Sprudllande Margaret” from Balholm. It tastes rhubarb and evokes nostalgic summer memories. If you light some candles and put on some bossa nova music in the background, you have a real dining experience you do together. Easily buy ingredients in the grocery store next to the Balestrand Adventure house.

or 2) Scenic route to small homestead farms in the beautiful #fjærlandsfjorden: We speed up our boat and drive inwards towards the outer part of Fjærlandsfjorden which in bright season is green colored by meltwater from the glacier village #fjærland.

The energy in #fjærlandsfjorden is special, more original. Therefore, it is more powerful. There is something here in between high mountains that nourishes both the heart and the spirit. It makes us strong men and women. Clean water, fresh air, cottages between high mountains. Here you can find peace, inspiration and value. In the 1800s this beautiful fjord is referred to as “Fjordland”


Practical information

  • The duration of this tour is 1h 30min . The tour only allows groups of 1-6 peoples
  • Available departures: 09:00 - 12:00 - 15:00 - 18:00 (GMT+1)
  • Meeting place at Balestrand Adventure House in Balestrand
  • Free parking outside Balestrand Adventure House and around
  • It is always colder on the fjord than on land. We therefore recommend warm clothes and underwear all seasons, especially in the cold season
  • NOTE: Show up time at Balestrand Adventure house/Tourist inforamtion 15 minutes before departure


  • Suits and boots are available for you. If smaller children, bring your boots and park-suits if they have it. No experience required.
  • Fishing equipment included.
  • Captain Tor has fjord experiences and communication in the genes. He is from Balestrand. His family is from Balestrand. His personal stories are from growing up in Balestrand, and you as a guest get a clear understanding of this, with everything you experience in the boat. Balestrand Fjord Angling is the boat that continues this cheerful pioneer spirit and life in Balevika where he grew up - Welcome to a real, local fjord experience!


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