About Balestrand Fjord Angling

Captain Tor delivers fjord experiences that have the fine balance of fishing, sightseeing, storytelling and childhood memories

Our values

Captain Tor make your next fjord adventure real and alive. Captain Tor carry out user-friendly, functional fishing experiences that build unity and values! The experiences are not built randomly - Behind every single action are well-thought-out strategies that make your visits to a greater extent find us interested and valuable. Thus, your fjord experience can be converted into good, real memories and points of reference that you can retrieve again and again, whether you are traveling, at work or processing information and thoughts for yourself. Our tours make you more complete!

What we make our guests experience

Guest review from Morten Ravn: “Words can not express how great this experience is. We came to fish. Went home from one of the best tours we ever experienced (along with four delicious fish). Capt. Tor is authentic and one heek of a storyteller. He knows his childhood area like his back-pocket and is eager to share his authentic stories with you, when you're on board his little private fishing boat. He makes the trip around four nearby fjords at an adequate pace. The length of the ride is perfect. Had it been one bit longer our minds would have exploded from all the beauty we witnessed. We came to fish. We came home with an extraordinary nature experience. Thanks a million Capt. Dare! ”

Recommended activeties

Price from: 1500,- NOK


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Price from: 2700,- NOK