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Balestrand Fjord Angling


For reservation and booking? Order deadline 1 day in advance!

Please Click here to make an Appointment or the green booking button, at the bottom of this page. Less than this, send sms when I’m out on an adventure.

I check email / contact form early morning and evening in advance Also if you are a tour operator. Most information price (turn rate ) and FAQ are are explained under each theme / activity title and on this booking page.

You kan also use SMS/Call +47 900 81939 or email:

(You make a call and no one answers? Please send SMS- I’m out on adventure with my guests :) I check for reservations/bookings early morning and eavenings.

Tour Operator FAQ:

Capt.Tors Adventure 365 delivers! 30 years of local expertise! Balestrand in a nutshell & down to earth experience! Private tours only. Tour operator can select the departures at 15:00 & 18:00. We emphasize personal interaction with the guest, rather than volume.

( Capt.Tor arranges arrangements via Balestrand Adventure for larger groups at Kviknes Hotell, with a duration of 1: 45h and with the following content: Fishing - Stories - Fishing nets - Sightseeing. NOK 1000 a person, max 4 each trip)

Great for the generational family max 6 persons. Equipment and suits are included in the price/turn rate and 4 persons. Then nok 600 for 1 extra 4-6 person. Boat and equipment are disinfected between each trip. Choose a theme that suit your guests. The title & information of the each tour substantiates the content.

Inquiries / requests are made by the green booking button, on the bottom of this page. Please add your all company information, adress etc and specify exactly which email address we can send an invoice to. You will receive a 10% discount as your commission on invoice, with due date is 1 day after the tour is completed. Watch our “Finding time” - inspirational video

Where are we located?

Balestrand Fjord Angling is located in Balestrand, a picturesque gem situated in the middle of the norwegian famous Sognefjord. Perfect if you’re traveling with fast ferry from Flåm <=> Bergen or on roadtrip by rent car form airports to airports in Bergen, Oslo Ålesund.

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FAQ & Practical information

- Show up 15 min before departure at Balestrand Adventure house (200 m from Kviknes Hotell, nearby the PRIX shop, in a white small building

- Possible boat departures: 09:00-12:00-15:00-18:00. Open all year 365

- Fishing gear are included.

- Easy, fun, clean & no experience needed for our trips

- A must do nutshell experience in Balestrand

- Suits & boots included and can be borrowed in cold and rainy weather

- Our boat takes 1 - 6 persons

- Please note that the prices quoted = turn rate includes up to 4 people. Extra charge per 4-6 person is NOK 600 a person

- Card payment on arrival, no advance payment necessary

- Private tours only!

- Our Corona Measures: Boat and equipment are cleaned with chlorine and alcohol between each trip for your safety. Normal antibac in hands on arrival. Feel free to wear your own shell jackets and cover pants on the trip if you wish.

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List of activities:

Amazing Snow Shoe Hike3h1-4 personsTurn rate 2200 NOK
Balestrand Family & Fish-nett 3h1-4 personsTurn rate 3000 NOK
Balestrand Fjord Angling1.20h1-4 personsTurn rate 1300 NOK
Balestrand Fjord Trolling2.45h1-4 personsTurn rate 2300 NOK
Balestrand eBike Adventure2-6h1-5 persons390-650 NOK
How to Be a cool electric Cargo Parent in Balestrand3h3 children + 1 adult persons400 NOK
Local Fisherman For A Day7h1-4 personsTurn rate 5400 NOK
Super Yacht Adventure3h1-6 persons NOK
Taxiboat to Fjærland3h1-4 personsTurn rate 2700 NOK

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