Balestrand Fjord Angling
Balestrand Fjord Trolling

Balestrand Fjord Trolling

Excellent Solutions: She want to have fun & feel safe. He want to do some relaxing angling in the fjords! Capt.Tor’s designed adventure works every time. Get closer and find your inner source in the silent fjords..

Quick facts: 3 Balestrand Fjords in a nutshell. Duration 2:45 hour. This price nok 2300 includes up to 4 persons private tour. Cardpayment on arrival. Suits and boots awailable for You. Possible departures 09:00 - 12:00 - 15:00 - 18:00. Show Up time 15 minutes before at Tourist information. (I’m 195 cm tall and wear Navy Blue cloth) Free parking outside shops. Let’s Go Viking In The Fjords with Cap.Tor

-I have caught your attention, Yes?

My experience is that many couples or friends traveling together have different needs. People on vacation want a private boat trip and some fishing. We have different emotions and expectations.

Several men say they want a simple fishing trip in the fjords, but do not get along with the wife, or the wife wants to surprise herself and let the man join. This is where the flowers come in ;)

Sometimes one person states his or her own opinion, and the other person agree so as not to displease the other. A gentle act, right? of you have nevertheless forsaken your own wish! Quite common issues on a vacation. How can I help?

Capt. Tor’s boat adventures has an excellent program solving this. My angling adventures creates a shared memory in an authentic experience. Something to build on. It creat memories to share with others. This is it. The Real Norway

More about the program:

With clever solutions and creative ideas, you can have a little moment to last longer. If you break with old holiday perceptions. With Capt. Tor, there is room for personality. My boat trips can also bring perspective and basics about what matters in life.

This popular time frame, combines Balestrand Fjord Angling - a fast sightseeing and spontaneity. We see Balestrand’s famous red dragon villas from the seaside. Local history. Meet me as a local and see were i grow up next to St.Olaf Church and Kvikne’s Hotell

Our next stop and do some angling for sandwhiting and haddock on the beutiful Esefjord scenery. My mother used to send me out fishing sandwitings for lunch. The are funny to catch and taste good. We can also see nesting Herons up in a evergreen forest in spetecular Esebotn, up to 40 nests.

Courageous gest sometimes sitt on the boat’s bow. Breath! Emrace the feeling as we drive into the scenery. You are surroundesd of mountains more than 1200 meters high. The mirror on the surface. Exploration of a riveroutlet. Norwegian frams.

( in May- July or after havy rain, I can also offer my guests a trip to Kvinnefossen(picture in gallery) when this 120 meters higt waterfall is at it’s greatest. This area is also known for it’s historical scaffolding fishing for salmon. Sognefjord’s tides flow hit land right here. In May, the fruit trees also flourish. Duration is then 30 minutes longer and total cost is nok 2700. Let me know)

Than we go fast against and into amazing fjord nature of Fjærlandfjord. We pass a small readtop lighthouse. Sweet… This place is called Veganeset. In the Viking Age, criminals were executed at this place. Heads were stunned to horror and warning… But also a hefty place. Eagles also have a seat in a dry pine tree on the point. We notice a growing glacier, farms without road connection, waterfalls and fjord cabins. Local story’s..

From the boat as we trolling for trout, pollack, macrell and garfish along the cliffs in Fjærlandfjord. You will experience birds like oyster catchers, herons and sometimes wildlife like seals, porpoises and Orcas!

Eagles live and nest in this area. In 2017 season the parents managed to bring up 2 healthy youngsters. In 2018 season 1 yougster. In this winter manny deer also starved to death, because of a longlasting winter. A little wind in the air and the big mommy eagle circle a short trip to greet us. During this late summer, the youngster’s had a lot of flying exercises and screaming along the trees at the water’s edge - to great pleasure for my guests.

Our trollingtrip ends at a cabin surrounded by 2 rivers. This place is called “Tråøyri” When I was little boy, my parents took us to picnic at this place. My father also took me on trolling trips late evenings in to this area..

All the water that comes down from the mountains can be drunk. Some times we observe norwegian dear grassing. Jusl like the white tail dear, but a little bigger. Then we cross over the fjord to the mountainside and explore some clifs and further out to Menes. Still inhabited.

If you make these places “Your’s”, this is not just a boat trip anymore. It’s got personality and it’s a little fun.. It makes you feel special. It create memories and thoughts as we return back to Balastrand. From something common and practical and everyday down here in the fjords, to something unusual and worth telling stories about back home.

That’s one of the strange things about trips like this. Where you get to be close to the land in a distant place, however briefly, you can feel that a new part of the world is familiar and close and knowable, as you feel it in your hands and under your feet or in the face as the wind blow and we drives into the scenery.. But then, later when you look back, and it all seems mysterious and foreign over again. It’s that push and pull of wanting to belong and also to be blown away, that keeps me travelling into wild fjords. Always looking to what’s next..

Thank You for reading this. Looking forward to meet you in Balestrand. To bring You closer into the secret fjords. Regards From Capt.Tor

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