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Balestrand Fjord Angling
Turn rate 3000 NOK 1-4 3h

Balestrand Family & Fish-nett

Norwegian fjord adventure: Looking for the real thing? This is it! Go Viking in the fjords with the legendary Capt.Tor and Find your True power.

Welcome to my website, so enjoyable that you will visit Balestrand as a guest. This is my signature trip! This fjord adventure triggers family affiliation, togetherness, nostalgia and adds value to anyone who wants a true traditional norway fjordexperience! Capt.Tor’s family has done this for generations!

It’s fun to schedule a family vacation program. But you don’t have do do everything yourself. Travel to Balestrand and give your family or friends this opportunity to experience the Sognefjord. Learn simple, educational and true abilities..

Watch our “Finding time” - inspirational video

“Balestrand Family & Fish-nett- have the same basic design as my most popular Balestrand Fjord Trolling trip, but this one have more action for younger kids to learn their skills. We (they) pull up pre-set fish-nett…Big, small, funny or flat fish? Starfish and crawling crabs!… Maybe a small shark or a lobster? With me, there is also room for personality. My boat trips can also bring perspective and basics about what matters in life. This timeframe can be difficult to implement on your own, so let me help you out exploring the fjords..” - Capt.Tor

Playstation & mobile games & sosial media? It would be nice to give your family or friends a real adventure.. Have a good time in the boat and spend some leisurely time - and don’t be surprise if you as a parent or adult, being the most playful and curious onboard.. Grow memories. As a parent, I know the joy of watching my own children unfold in the face of new things. Give children and yourself a memory of life! Balestrand is a small fjordvillage with many possibilities. Refresh your mind.. Finding time

So many things that take place in a familys Everyday life. Driving & work, organizing & getting time to everything you need and are connected to. Maybe you are looking for this opportunity to reset your thoughts ? A little refresh to your family life?? Real experiences are more than just watching..

As a mother you relax when your family is well. Husbands: Happy wife, happy life! This is something Capt.Tor understands. Less is more! - and you suddenly find yourself unplugging..

“This can also be a great way to give the young ones a responsibility while doing something fun and creative. And the bonus: The holiday is guaranteed a whole new and more colourful twist..” - Capt.Tor

Practical information:

  • For reservation and booking? Please Click here to make an Appointment or the green booking button, at the bottom of this page. Most information price (turn rate ) and FAQ are are explained under each theme / activity title and on this booking page.
  • NOTE: This price/turnrate includes 4 persons on a private tour. From 4-6 persons, nok 600 1 extra person (max. 6 persons). Booking on mail or sms/phone, minimum 2 day ahead, cause I must preset your fish-nets in the fjords. Card payment on arrival.
  • Suits and boots are available for you. If smaler kids, bring their boots and rain gear if they have.
  • Possible departure at 09:00 - 12:00 - 15:00 - 18:00. Show Uptime is 15 minutes before at the local Tourist information/Balestrand Adventure house. Set the kids or teens to find Capt.Tor’s house. I’m 195cm tall and wear navy blue cloths. Free parking outside shops.

    Program headlines: if departure form Fjærland

    Velcome - Enter the boat - 1 rule - Sighseeing kontekst - reflection - My family home -Fish pot -Esefjord - Angling - Freedom feeling amongst mountains - Herrons - We explore a riverdelta - Veganeset & red top light house - 4 homestead farms history - Draiving to Fjærlandsfjord - Drinking water from the well- Flowerpower - Fish net - Trolling along the cliffs - History kontekst - Twin river cabin - Water fall & cliffs & Trolls- Stearing the boat - Menes Village - Return to Balestrand reflektion ..

    You stay at Fjærland Fjordstue Hotell, and whant to surprice your self with a Family & fish-net adventure in Balestrand? : Value nok 4900,- if departure and return from Fjærland. This includes also the great Taxi-boat from the Fjærland Glacier Village to Balestrand and return. Duration 5 hours. Maximum 4 persons

    FAQ :

    *Kids love boating and fishing. Happy children = Happy parents! Some experiences are just a valuable investment. A milestone! Like this one. Build family memories in Balestrand. Let the “SoMe teenager” film the event! Fishing equipment is included. We go fishing and they pull up fishing nets. The tour fits from 4 years onwards. Rainy weather is no obstacle, bring your own park suit if the kids have, if you travel with a motorhome.*

    *Grandparents - Allow your grandchildren to experience real nostalgia or bring your own adult childrens family and strengthen relationships! Genuine Norwegian tradition, such as Capt. Tor’s family has been doing this for generations!*

    *Parents: Expand the horizon and get new inspiration. This is a trip you deserve! Mother or father: You don’t always have to do everything yourself and save money. Relax end enjoy giving your family a god moment together. I still remember my perents took me on the same trip as a kid. This warm family feeling exploring together. This experience is what i share with you!*

    *I have 25 years of experience with 30,000 students at a camp school. Cap. Tor has simple fishing adventure experiences that works. Fishing is just a part of it. A Balestrand in a nutshell package for the whole family or friends travel together! Beautiful fjord scenery. Friendships*

    *Perfect fjord experience for those who are Norwegian Americans and seeking Norwegian roots. The smart nutshell trip for the urban family who wants fresh air, drinking clean water right from the source. But also som simple & fun fishing in a Norwegian Fjord to post on instagram and at the same time explore the real thing together with friends….” - Capt.Tor*

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