Balestrand Fjord Angling
Balestrand Family & Fish-Nett

Balestrand Family & Fish-Nett

Real Norwegian Adventure: Families, Friends, Globetrotters, looking for the real thing? This is it! Go Viking in the fjords with the legendary Capt.Tor and Find your True power..

It’s fun to schedule a family vacation program,

But you don’t have do do everything yourself! Travel to Balestrand and join Capt.Tor as you give your family or friends the opportunity to experience the real Norway Adventure. This is how i have raised my own 3 children and more than 30.000 schoolchildren in Norwegian fjord nature. Simple, educational and true abilities.

From our safe & practical boat, you will be able to get closer to nature and the sea life. We are in a beautiful scenery. Drink from waterfalls and see local residences along the shoreline. How did people make a living on places like this..!? Porpoises and Sometimes epic orcas live and visit this mysterious part of the Sognefjord.. Check out my instagram see some videos

Capt.Tor’s Balestrand Family & Fish-nett-have the same basic design as my most popular Balestrand Fjord Trolling trip, but this one have more action for younger kids to learn their skills. Collaborative skills and common goals. We (they) pull up pre-set fish-nets. Big, small, funny or flat fish. Starfish and crawling crabs. Maybe a small shark or a lobster!?!

With me, there is also room for personality. My boat trips can also bring perspective and basics about what matters in life. A timeframe, a moment that can be difficult to implement on your own. That’s how Capt.Tor can help you. To go Viking into the fjords together or alone if you are a singel globetrotter

Playstation & mobile games & sosial media? It would be nice to give your family or friends a real adventure! Have a good time in the boat and spend some leisurely time - and don’t be surprise if you as a parent or adult, being the most playful and curious onboard. Grow memories. Balestrand is a small place with many possibilities. Refresh your mindset. Try something new, but usual for me as a local

There are so many things that take place in a family. Everyday life. Driving & work, organizing & getting time for everything you need and are connected to. Maybe you are looking for this opportunity to reset your thoughts, but also a little refresh to your family life? Real experiences are more than just watching. This can be a great way to give them a responsibility while doing something fun and creative. And the bonus: The holiday is guaranteed a whole new and more colourful twist..

Still here?

Thank you for your time, wherever you sit and dream away in everyday life…

I might see you in Balestrand. And i will look forward to bring you closer into the fjords on adventure. Let your everyday moment become more than a dream. Thank you for reading this and regards from Balestrand, Capt.Tor…Somewhere in the silent fjords..

Practical information:

  • This price includes 4 persons on a private tour. 600 NOK pr extra person (max. 7 persons). Booking on mail or sms/phone, minimum 1 day ahead cause I must preset your fish-nets in the fjords. Card payment on arrival.
  • Suits and boots are available for you. If smaler kids, bring their boots and rain gear if they have.
  • Possible departure at 09:00 - 12:00 - 15:00 - 18:00. Show Uptime is 15 minutes before at the local Tourist information. Set the kids or teens to find Capt.Tor’s “cave”. I’m 195cm tall and wear navy blue cloths. Free parking outside shops.
  • By the way: Did you know that “to go Viking” was a phrase originally used by Norwegians to describe travelling overseas?
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