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Balestrand Fjord Angling
Turn rate 2200 NOK 1-4 3h

Amazing Snow Shoe Hike

Nature calls! Are you looking for a fun, simple guided trip between rugged mountain pine trees? and with an amazing fjord view to?? Freshest air strokes your face and fill your lungs??? Touch the snow! The sound of running water.. “Something inside you calls and comes alive..” - Capt.Tor

Combine our Amazing Snowshoe Hike with Balestrand Fjord Trolling/-Family & Fish-nett

Practical information:

  • Price includes all 1-4 persons
  • The trip is suitable for everyone, awarage fitness but no experience needed
  • Bring your own hood, gloves, hike boots, outdoor jacket/pantsSunglasses, drinking bottle, snack..
  • Trip includes snowshoes with poles and me as a local private guide
  • Season is from February-May (depends on snow-melting)
  • Possible deparure time for booking: 0845-1145-1445-1745
  • Meeting point outside Balestrand Adventure/the Tourist information. Card payment on arrival.

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