Turn rate 2700 NOK 1-4 3h

Taxi Boat to Fjærland - Feel the energy in the powerful #fjærlandsfjord

Experience the fantastic Fjærlandsfjord from Balestrand to the Fjærland Glacier Village. Perfect for those arriving Balestrand with the fast ferry from Flåm at the 16:50 arrival in Balestrand, and going on to Fjærland Fjordstue Hotel. Or the opposite way. I will pick you up on the morning in Fjærland Fjordstue Hotel, if you are going to Balestrand, and you want to explore Balestrand before your 16:50 departure fast ferry to Bergen. If You want to surprise with a Family Fish-nett adventure in Fjærland? - Capt.Tor can help!

The of-the-beaten-path boat adventure for you who whant to experience stunning places along the Fjærlandsfjord. Different water falls, homstead places without road. Find tranquility and value as we drive along the entire fjord. Sitt on the boat’s bow and dangle with your legs and feel the fresh summer air flicker in your hair.

We stop regulary and Capt.Tor tells little stories. You drink water right from the source. You feel fresh water on your face and the smell of purity and nature. Trees that bloom in May and June. From June to August, the fjord is colored green by glacial meltwater and plankton. In winter, the fjord is deserted with with avalanches and abandoned without humans and life. Only deer and eagles trying to survive the winter fjord landshape. Back to the real roots! Time stands still. Reflektions as we travel by the boat. The fjord light and one freezes on the toes and there is real Viking feeling.. Longing for a camp fire at the hotel

  • You are free from all thoughts and worries and are living in the moment as we drives the boat. You deserve this! You are wonderful and grateful at the same time. Whether it rains or sunshine, it might blow a bit… It doesn’t matter for you to live and exist! Happiness.. and presence and.. far away at the same time …. in a distant place away from home. And You find your self thinking about things at home and in life. This constant attraction of being on the road to something new and unknown.. and the familiar nostalgia..*

-Some thoughts and ideas and experiences of good and bad, suddenly they just make sense to you… Contrasts. Inspiration. Peace. Creativity. Maturity.. Less is more, on The Grand Tour!

Practical information:

No experience is needed. 3 Fjords in a nutshell.

Duration 3 hour. This price/turnrate nok 2700 includes up to 4 persons private tour. From 4-6 nok 600 a person

Cardpayment on arrival.

I recomend that you wear warm clothing for all seasons, but especially during the winter season.

Suits and boots awailable for you, for free. (Pick up in Fjærland? Enter the size of the suit as I have to take it from Balestrand)

Possible departures 09:00 - 12:00 - 15:00 - 18:00.

Show Up time 15 minutes before at Tourist information/Fjærland Fjordstue Hotel

Capt.Tor is tall and wear Navy Blue cloth and easy to find.

Free parking outside shops in Balestrand