Turn rate 5900 NOK 1-4 7 (3+4)h

Deep Fjord Long line - Local Fisherman for a day - Bucket list.

LET’S CATCH SOM REAL BEASTS FROM THE DEPTH OF THE #SOGNEFJORD - Preparation the longline the evening before hauling. Get challenged, make decisions and master your reactions. Fish floating like footballs. Activate your hunting instincts and experience the feeling of focus and simplification that takes control. You are vital, strong and alive. Work in proper fisherman’s clothes. Note - For those who are particularly interested

CONTENTS: The local STCW instructor and captain Tor takes you on the open boat “Balestrand Fjord Angling”. Experience real traditional and local fishing for food with longline down to 1000 m deep. Blasted Tusk- and Ling fish floats like footballs on the surface. We get different species of sharks (which we put back alive) and strange fish from the depths of the wonderfully diverse Sognefjord outside Balestrand. Be prepared for some waves and unfamiliar monotonous working positions on board a moving boat. You can of course take the fish home if you want. We fillet and gut together if you want this. Tor guides in the background when needed and ensures that the logistics work safely and so this becomes a great experience of mastery.

You participate in the preparations 3 hours the night before, where we suit the line with herring and mackerel which we cut into pieces. Then we put it out in the fjord and leave it overnight. We pull up the line with line tails the next day for 4 hours



KNOW YOUR EXPECTATION - As we prepare and pre-sett fishing gear in the evening. The excitement, the waiting unto you wake up the following morning. Maybe you stay in a long term fjord cabin her in Balestrand area. Maybe you are on your first “road trip” and just want vitality in life..IMAGINE THE FEELING Imagine you look out the windoW. To check the weather. Some morning talk. Breakfast table. Friends. Arriving the boat who is waiting and ready in the marina. The local fisherman feeling

GOOD MORNING SOGNEFJORD - It’s still breakfast time at the Kvikne’s Hotel. You are a morning bird. You are one of the local fishermen. You’ve got that feeling. Ready to live the life that you want this day. You wave to the guests in the building. You are motivated. Breathing the fresh morning air through your nose boars. Vitality..

MASTER AND COMMANDER- You pick up the marker buoy with a grabber. The Øien 620 boat handle the situation. Steady. Challenges is just a possibility for growth. Every day is just a new beginning. One steep forward, is one step closer. If it is to be, it’s up to me. You give your self the same encouragement as you give a good friend..

THE BIG FISH – THE DEEP FJORDS - The fish is usually big in the deep fjords. The long line makes the fish floats up like footballs on the surface. Coming up from the deep. Something dark, big or shiny is rising up. Hook it. Cut it’s throat. You’ve done it before. You are a hunter. It’s gutted for sale too local buyers or you bring it home. Food on the table. You are a provider. Feeling proud…

STAYING ALIVE - An empty fishing net don’t stop you from going on. You know what you want, and you move forward until to you get it. You never failed, either you learn from it or you win! There are limitless reasons to be cheerful of our life. Today you choose to be completely happy, no matter what. Today you are vibrant, healthy and alive. Today..

SEAGULLS FOLLOW US BACK - The fish is guttered. You are friendly and generous. The tale of birds following our boat makes you pride. Life is good to you. You’ve deserve it. You’ve earn it. Watching the famous red villas form the seaside. The fjord light..

THE RIGHT STUFF - The sound from the Honda BF 60 is pure quality. You’ve got that funny smile and the glimpse in your eye. That feeling.. It gives you the power and recognition in every situation. You know what you want. Tools that you relight on in every situation. You got it. Self-esteem. You have control over yourself and the circumstances. People are comfortable around you. Recognition, a nod..

REGARDS FROM CAPTAIN TOR - This moment, make it personal. This is personality. Happiness is simply a choice you can make. It starts with a little smile. Allows you to feel special, balanced, Focused. It create memories and experience as we return back to Balestrand, and that is a little fun. Pure fishing, to be a local fisherman in Balestrand”

Practical information:

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    - Price NOK 6300 = turn rate includes 4 persons on a private tour.

    - Card payment on arrival.


  • Suits and boots are available for you.
  • I recomend that you wear warm clothing for all seasons, but especially during the winter season.
  • Possible departures 18:00 the evening before, preparations. 09:00 the following day, hauling

    - ShowUpTime 15 minutes before departure at Balestrand Adventure - / Tourist Information House

    - Capt.Tor is tall and wear Navy Blue cloth and easy to find.

    - Free parking outside shops.

    - Our Corona Measures: Boat and equipment are cleaned with soap wather and and alcohol between each trip for your safety. Normal antibac in hands on arrival. Feel free to wear your own shell jackets and cover pants on the trip if you wish.