390-650 NOK 1-5 2-6h

Balestrand eBike Rentals

More Energy & Feel Sporty?

We can help. Rent eBike.

eBike Makes You Feel Special


Why eBike?

1) Fitness & Fashionably Fresh

2) Fun & Simple & Sweat Less

3) More fun to participate together with your partner’s training session on a regular bike )

4) Power assist cycling for hils, headwind & distance

5) Low running costs, Faster Travel and a Happy Day

6) It’s assistive, bur still a bicycle



- Cycling around Esefjorden is great fun on eBike. Ride via the “Old road”. Feel the scent of nostalgia. You certainly deserve a coffee break, at at Dragsvik Hotel. The Fjærlandsfjord view. The trip might continue to the picturesque Menes village. It’s done on a swoosh. So exiting! You might take a sea bath on the beach in Vetlefjord? You feel strong and alive! Finish with a photo in front of Kviknes Hotel as you return back to Balestrand! Hungry for more! - Dinner next!

Practical information:

KIDS? - Bamboo box & Child seat & Our Yuba SuperMarche’

Tripadvisor Review: The three Fjord Ride


Hours Routes Distance Duration time

Rental time 2h - Price 390 nok Distance To Dragsvik 9 km Trip duration 2h

Rental time 3 - Price 400 nok Distance To Menes 30 km Trip duration 4h

Rental time 4 - Price 460 nok Distance To Kvamsøy 12 km Trip duration 3h

Rental time 6 - Price 650 nok Distance To Viewpoint 44 km Trip duration 6h