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Balestrand Fjord Angling & Trolling

THE ORIGINAL FJORD EXPERIENCE - She wants to have fun and feel safe, and he wants to have some relaxing fishing in the fjords. Captain Thor delivers an original, balanced fjord adventure adapted to the interests of both genders. Get inspired, feel the energy in #fjærlandsfjorden. Embrace the moment - Seize this opportunity


THIS TRIP COMBINES ANGLING, TROLLING AND BALESTRAND FROM SEASIDE - This is also how the locals go family fishing in the fjords! The captain tells colorful, funny stories about some of the houses. You see Balestrand’s famous red dragon villas from the seaside. Meet the local Kaptain as a local and see the house where he grew, We pull up a fishing pot.

Next stop and do some angling for sandwhiting on the beutiful Esefjord scenery. My mother used to send me out fishing sandwitings for lunch. The are funny to catch and taste good. You actually have to try, it’s a lot of fun - catch your own dinner - YAAY!

Some brave guests would like to sitt on the boat’s bow. They like to emrace the feeling of freedom as we drive further into the scenery. Fresh air. High mountains. Still Water and Mirror image

We see picturesque Norwegian farms in beautiful cultural landscape in #esefjorden In the spring, the sheep graze all the way down to the water’s edge and the fruit trees have blossoms. Oystercatchers with their characteristic orange beak and feets, guard their nests and make life. Field flowers and seaweed. We explore a riverdelta.

We travel quickly on to Veganeset, a scary place in the Viking age. We see a growing glacier on roads and cross over the fjord to the homesteads in Fjærlandsfjorden where the water is colored green. Here we drink water from running streams

TROLLING IN THE FOOTPRINSTS TO HOMESTEADS - The energy in #fjærlandsfjorden is special, more original. It is something that nourishes both the heart and the spirit. It makes us strong men and women. Since the formation takes place on the fjord, it deserves a lot of respect. It gives light and confidence. Independence. It challenges to think smart.

We start trolling for trout, pollack, salmon, macrell or garfish along the cliffs in Fjærlandfjorden. Our trip ends at a cabin surrounded by 2 rivers.


SEAEAGLES LIVE AND NEST IN THIS AREA - In 2017 season the parents managed to bring up 2 healthy youngsters. In 2018 season 1 yougster. 2019 none and 2020 one youngster. In this winter manny deer also starved to death, because of a longlasting winter. A little wind in the air and the big mommy eagle circle a short trip to greet us. During this late summer, the youngster’s had a lot of flying exercises and screaming along the trees at the water’s edge - to great pleasure for my guests.

Our trip ends at a cabin surrounded by 2 rivers. This place is called “Tråøyri” When I was little boy, my parents took me an my iter us to picnic at this place. My father also took me on trolling trips late evenings in to this peace full fjords

All the water that comes down from the mountains can be drunk. Some times we observe norwegian dear grassing. Just like the white tail dear, but a little bigger. Then we cross over the fjord to the mountainside and explore some clifs and further out to Menes. Still inhabited.

If you make these places “Your’s”, this is not just a boat trip anymore. It’s got personality and it’s a little fun.. It makes you feel special. It create memories and thoughts as we return back to Balastrand. From something common and practical and everyday down here in the fjords, to something unusual and worth telling stories about back home.


MADE WITH PASSION - With legendary guide methods, Capt.Thor brings out the unique inspiration, and ensures the fine fjord experiences, contex and parallel associations. Our experiences can open up for this.

Let our guests describe the result as follows:

“I am a woman 34 and work in IT and Marketing. Looking at the clock all the time. When I went to Balestrand for the first time, the storytelling of the best Thor. You know I fished my first fish there and it was fun! Was just completely myself. When I really got to experience the Fjærlandsfjord, feel, feel the real fjord light, It was a remarkable experience. Better than I had experienced before. The feeling of home … Strength … Love … Gratitude..everything at once. I just connected all the way out .. I float across the water..Guide the boat ..control “

Woman 34 and works IT and Marketing

” I’m a man 48 and work as a CEO.. I have to travel completely away sometimes. Reset my head. My wife is very loyal and we like to be out together. Thor’s solution was great for both of us. He is skilled..

- You know: That’s one of the strange things about trips like this. Where you get to be close to the land in a distant place, however briefly, you can feel that a new part of the world is familiar and close and knowable, as you feel it in your hands and under your feet or in the face as the wind blow and we drives into the scenery..

- But then, later when you look back, and it all seems mysterious and foreign over again. It’s that push and pull of wanting to belong and also to be blown away, that keeps me travelling into wild fjords… Always looking to what’s next…

Man 48 and works CEO.

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