Turn rate 1300 NOK 1-4 1.30h

Balestrand Fjord Angling - Fishing - Storytelling - Sightseeing

Beautiful Balestrand, close to the fjord and nature. You are looking for a fishing trip, some sightseeing and a family experience that builds unity ? Here it is. See some picturesque dragon villas in Balestrand from sea side. Listen to Capt.Thors fun stories about some of them. From here you have two options further boat trip:

1) Fun angling in beautiful #esefjorden surrounded by high mountains

2) See the unique homestead farms in beautiful #fjærlandsfjorden



1) WE SEE BALESTRAND’S FAMOUS RED DRAGON VILLAS FROM THE SEASIDE. I tell fun stories about some of the houses. We pass by Balevika and see the house I grew up in and my stories about this, and St.Olaf Church directly above (Disneys Frozen 1 wedding church)

- Next stop and do some angling for Sand Whiting on the beutiful Esefjord scenery. My mother used to send me out fishing sandwitings for lunch. The are funny to catch and taste good. You actually have to try, it’s a lot of fun - catch your own dinner - YAAY

- Some brave guests would like to sitt on the boat’s bow. They like to emrace the feeling of freedom as we drive further into the scenery. Fresh air. High mountains. Still Water and Mirror image

- We see picturesque Norwegian farms in beautiful cultural landscape in #esefjorden and Keipen mountain. In the spring, the sheep graze all the way down to the water’s edge and the fruit trees have blossoms. Oystercatchers with their characteristic orange beak and feets, guard their nests and make life. Field flowers and seaweed. We explore a riverdelta. We turn back to the marina..

2) IN THE FOOTPRINSTS TO HOMESTEADS - after Balevika and Kviknes Hotel, we travel quickly on to Veganeset, A nice but also scary place in the Viking age. We see a growing glacier on our cross over towards to the homesteads in Fjærlandsfjorden. The fjord in this part is colored green og glacier water. Here we drink water from running stream. After passing by Menes point, we return back to Balestrand Marina

- The energy in #fjærlandsfjorden is special, more original. It is something that nourishes both the heart and the spirit. It makes us strong men and women. Clean water, fresh air, stunning homstead places between high mountains. Find tranquility, inspiration and value.

Practical information:

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    - Price NOK = turn rate includes 4 persons on a private tour.

    - Price 4-6 persons, nok 300, 1 extra person. Max 6 persons.

    - Card payment on arrival.

  • Suits and boots are available for you. If smaler kids, bring their boots and rain gear if they have. No experience is needed. Fishing gear included.
  • I recomend that you wear warm clothing for all seasons, but especially during the winter season.
  • Possible departures 09:00 - 12:00 - 15:00 - 18:00.

    - ShowUpTime 15 minutes before departure at Balestrand Adventure - / Tourist information house

    - Capt.Thor is tall, wear Navy Blue cloth and easy to find.

    - Free parking outside shops.