Turn rate 3000 NOK 1-4 3h

Balestrand Family & Fishing nets

GO VIKING IN THE FJORDS - Find your true power. Our simple, but at the same time rich program, has pure nature experiences, participation and contains the fine balance between natural fishing instincts, storytelling and self-development that raises every self-confidence and mastery. Add values to your life


The program activates natural fishing instincts, interaction and coordination in simple and exciting activities. Feel free to take the fish home and prepare a fish meal with your family, children or your friends. Sand Whiting is called “sea chicken” and tastes best fried. Some cut lettuce, others fold napkins and make it cozy with candles. Maybe a little bassanova music?

Here you as a participant can be confident in a program that works. Here you create your own fishing history. It is always exciting to fish for sand whiting and pull up a fishing-nets. Maybe we get a shark, crab or halibut when we pull up the fishing net?


IT’S ALWAYS EXITING TO SCADULE A FAMILY VACATION - Give your family this opportunity to experience the Sognefjord, and also a great possibility to learn simple, true abilities.



- WATCH THIS “Finding time” VIDEO


OUR SOLUTIONS WORKS. BALESTRAND FAMILY & FISHING-NET, has the same basic design as my most popular Balestrand Fjord Trolling, but have more action for younger kids to learn their skills. They pull up pre-set fishing-net. Team building for all ages.

Our boat “ Balestrand Fjord Angling” can also bring perspective and basics about what matters in life. This timeframe can be difficult to implement on your own. We offer to this platform for learning and exploration. You choose which season and weather type. Real Vikings travels in the period from October to April.

Playstation & mobile games & sosial media? Give your family this opportunity. Maybe a surprise. Surprise yourself Maybe? Play a little with this thought. Have a good time in our boat, spend some leisurely time. Don’t be surprise if you as a adult, being the most playful and curious onboard. Balestrand is a village with natural possibilities.

Many things take place in a familys everyday life- Like driving & work, school & homework ,organizing & getting time to everything you need and are connected to. Our solutions have a plan, structure and feels safe, yet it is out of the box and have a well known framework for inspiration and team building

This small Family Expedition or Team Building can be a great way to give the young ones a responsibility, while doing something fun and creative. The bonus: The holiday is guaranteed a whole new and more colourful twist..

Practical information:

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    - Price NOK = turn rate includes 4 persons on a private tour.

    - Price 4-6 persons = NOK 600 1 extra person, max. 6 persons.

    - Card payment on arrival.

    - Free parking outside

  • Suits and boots are available for you. If smaler kids, bring their boots and rain gear if they have. No experience is needed. 3 Fjords in a nutshell. Fishing gear included.
  • I recomend that you wear warm clothing for all seasons, but especially during the winter season.
  • Possible departures 09:00 - 12:00 - 15:00 - 18:00.

    - ShowUpTime 15 minutes before departure at Balestrand Adventure - / Tourist information house

    - Capt.Thor is tall and wear Navy Blue cloth and easy to find.

    - Free parking outside shops.