Balestrand Fjord Angling

About us

My name is Tor. Raised by the fjord. Made for the fjord. I am the fjord!

I instructed my first tourist group when i was 12. Little did I know then, that this would be my mission in life! To help people find and develop themselves on the fjords around Balestrand, situated in the middle of 200 km long Sognefjord. The fjord always has a mythical appeal to me. From the crawling crab under rocks with seaweed on at the shoreline downside Kvikne’s Hotell, to the epic and rare killer whales who hunt seals and porpoises in the epic Nærøyfjord. I’ve been there when the fjord outside Balestrand boils off 70 Pilot Whales. I’ve watching sea eagles spread their wings on the riseing winds and teach their young ones to fly. I’ve been there when the fjord goes white with snow and fog and i can’t find home. I’ve felt the joy as the sun peeks out again from behind the clouds. Felt the warmth of the heart when a child catches its first fish! This passion of sparkling eyes drives me forward. Always something new to discover in the fjords. How to share some of these moments with other people? My leadership and character ability as a person - to focus on justice and one the small things that matter in life, are shaped together by 30,000 Norwegian schoolchildren. Developed together with thousands of teachers during 25 years. Dynamic children and teachers always recognise genuine leadership. To win their true respect was an art!

Today Balestrand Fjord Angling is inspired by those who join our boat adventures 365. By the artistry of our culture. And the details that surround us in Balestrand. I started this company with the idea that we could always do better. Better than what was out there. Better than what we’ve done in the past. Because we believe in the power of forward motion. I believe true innovation is what ultimately sets us apart. And we believe in the power of different. To be authentic.

The way ie see it, if you always take the same path, you’re always going to end up in the exact same place. So we explore. We create. And we design our trips with purpose. We design with the intent to enhance your lifestyle. We are motivated by what’s on the horizon, and intrigued by what’s around the corner. And while we may have a relaxed view on just about everything, we’re serious about our trips.

My adventures in the Fjords are based on true personality. Balestrand Fjord Angling is my zest for life and I’m happy to welcome you into my boat. To share this beautiful and giving fjords and community that surrounds us.

Let’s Go Viking In the Fjords with Capt. Tor!