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Balestrand Fjord Angling

About us

Dear guest, welcome to my website.

- So nice that you will come to visit Balestrand :) I hope you have found one of my trips, just right for you. Let’s make an appointment using the contact form or SMS. I can’t wait to meet you in Balestrand. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and get to know me and what I do here in Balestrand. I know my fjord experiences. I have good logistics. You get this:

  1. Save yourself time
  2. Save yourself money
  3. Unique nature experience in boat, all in one place
  4. Minimizes stress
  5. Make yourself more effective
  6. Make life easier - nutshell experience
  7. Give yourself value / business connections networking / collaboration opportunities

Tor has a 30 year background as STCW Maritime Instructor and has grown up in beautiful Balestrand, the fjord village in the middle of the legendary Sognefjord. In recent years he has primarily operated as Captain & NCE Fjordguide. He has always been passionate about getting school classes, families, couples and tourists to participate in interactive fishing activities in the fjords. Today he uses his steady, unique & practical boat called “Balestrand Fjord Angling”. Capt.Tor is known for delivering exciting interactive quality experiences that suit both genders, have good logistics and provide parallel associations!

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“My name is Tor. Raised by the fjord. Made for the fjord - I am the fjord!”

I instructed my first tourist group when i was 12 tears old. Little did I know then, this would be my mission in life! To guide more than 30.000 young people to finding their skills and develop themselves on the fjords around Balestrand -This picturesque and historic fjord gem is situated in the middle of 200 km long Sognefjord.

Sognefjord always has a mythical appeal to me. From the small crawling crab in rock ponds downside Kvikne’s Hotell….To the epic and rare killer whales hunting seals and porpoises in the fjords around Balestrand..

“Tor creates unique experiences. His program solution has a number of highlights and the duration of the trips triggered parallel and nostalgic associations within me .. so refreshingly fun! A real and colorful local personality and landscape that just has to be experienced.” - Guest, New York

I’ve seen the fjord outside Balestrand boils off 70 Pilot Whales… I’ve watching sea eagles spread their wings on the riseing winds.. teaching their young ones to fly.. I’ve been there when the fjord goes white with snow and fog and i can’t find my way back home…

I’ve also felt the joy as the sun peeks out again from behind the clouds. Felt the warmth in my heart when a person catches its first fish! This passion of sparkling eyes drives me forward.. Always something new to discover in the fjords..

Capt. Tors genuine adventure 365 are based on true personality. I’m happy to welcome you into my boat and to explore beautiful and giving fjords and community that surrounds us in Balestrand.

“Experience more than just fishing. Stunning vistas around every corner, as far as eye can see. Culture. Educational. High mountains, Running water & Clean Air..” Guest, Australia

Regards from Capt.Tor